Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thrift shop find

So Beau and I were getting cabin fever from being stuck inside after "the great winter storm of 2010" or whatever it is that they are calling our couple hours of light snow on the news these days. The roads are all mostly salted by now and people are going back to driving like idiots. They still are suggesting that you stay inside but we had to get out so we went to grab some lunch up the road and much to Beau's dismay went and visited a thrift shop.

He always gets really huffy at the suggestion of a thrift shop but has fun once he's there. And today was no exception. Another of my favorite Beau-isms is his insistance that any number of items he sees at the thrift shop that remind him of something he used to own must be that exact item that he actually owned. Today that was a pair of skater-ish shoes. I didn't even know he went through a skater phase :-)

Though we didn't find much, I get so jealous of people that do not live in the SE United States; thrift stores and flea markets are so much better up north and out west. However, we did manage to find this super cool typewriter!!! I don't know anything about it or even if it works. All I know was that it begged to go home with us and weighs about a gazillion pounds.

If you know anything about old typewriters and would like to share some history, feel free to comment. When I was taking pictures for this post I noticed that engraved on the front are the words Signal Corps Typewriter, US Army MC (something).

I've been wanting an old typewriter forever and I'm so happy that we braved the cold today and found this one!

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Megan said...

Hi! Found your comment on my blog. I don't have much experience with the older models, but I'm really good at researching them. I'll look into it over the next week or so and post back!