Thursday, April 29, 2010

Florida Thrifting Fun!!!

Today after dropping Jacqui off at class and leaving Sean to finish school for the day, Mom and I went to one of her favorite thrift stores today and I found some great records only $0.75 each! Oh and a pretty cute scarf too! Here are some of the goodies (images courtesy of

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jackson Browne The Pretender

So wonderful...this is one of Beau's favorite songs and every time I hear it, I fall a bit more in love with it. Proof that true musicians are always better live than in studio.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I miss this face!!!

And who wouldn't miss it, am I right? No one should have to go a week without a little Beauseph in their life. I forgot to mention earlier that Beau and I are not traveling down in FL together because he has work and classes this week and it make me miss him so, so, so much!

I love you Beau!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I've not posted here in a few days. I am down in FL visiting the family after a wonderful weekend in St. Pete with our amazing St. Anthony's tri team. It was a great weekend. The swim got cut a little short because of some super choppy waves but everyone kept in really good spirits about the whole thing. Our team raised over $150,000 and counting in the fight against blood cancer....Go Team!!!

I'll be back this week with more fun!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super cute craft from One Artsy Mama

One more thing for the weekend...go check out this super cute craft from One Artsy Mama. It's a cardigan for your phone!!!

It's that time of year...

It's April which means it's one of my favorite times of year here in Georgia because it's festival season. The greater Atlanta area is great because it's home to dozens and dozens of spring time festivities. This weekend alone there are three or four different festivals happening. How cool is that?

Right now I'm waiting anxiously for Beau to get home so we can head out the door with the pups to go have some festival fun. But in the meantime here are some pictures to get you in the festival mood all found at

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Measuring cup free cooking

Check out this cool new website Food 2! I love looking at recipes. I don't so much go by the recipe in a really strict manner while I'm cooking. I'm more the type of person that looks at several recipes and combines them for a fun (almost always delicious) surprise. One of my favorite recipe websites has had this ad up for the past several days for the Food 2 website. I usually don't click on ads but after seeing the picture of the doughnut burger they had in their advertisement for several days, I had to check it out. Has anyone ever had one of these? I saw that it's like a 1500 calorie burger, how deliciously gross!
One of the first entries I saw when I clicked on the link was this article about how to hand measure ingredients so that you're not a slave to measuring cups and spoons. I see cooks do this all the time on Food Network so it was great to have some tips about how to hand measure ingredients. Anyway I thought it was super cool and definitely worth sharing...happy cooking!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Old favorite/New Favorite: Books?

So this is an interesting one...

Old favorite: Books for reading

New favorite: Books for planters

These particular books can be purchased as a kit from this website but I'm sure it would be a super cool DIY.

-Old book (please use one that is not a first edition or rare book...pretty please, I hate when I see amazing books turned into art projects).
-X-acto knife
-Some sort of plastic planter that could be used to line the inside of the book.
-Glue-ish substance, maybe mod podge to hold all the book pages together.

If you make one please comment with the link, I'd love to see it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Providence Canyon

We had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter! Friday Beau and I set out for Providence Canyon for what was supposed to some hiking and camping with the pups. We were told to expect a pretty long hike to the campsites so we packed up our backpacks and set out. But we made pretty good time (I guess) and we got to the campsites by about 2pm. We could either stay there at the site for several hours waiting for the sun to go down or hike back out, so we decided to hike back out and head on to Barnesville to visit Beau's grandmother.

Providence Canyon was gorgeous. The canyons were amazing and the trail was specked with colorful flowers almost like they were God's Easter eggs. It's a trail we'll be sure to hike again. Next time we'll just plan on it being a day hike. In any case it was really good excercise and backpacking practice.

We had a wonderful time visiting with Beau's grandmother and really enjoyed the chance to go to Easter service at her church. Barnesville is one of those beatiful backroad towns the Georgia is lucky to have and we are lucky enough to know about.

I hope your Easter was just as magical!!!