Friday, January 22, 2010

Conversation hearts

Valentine's day is just around the corner and by far one of the most recognizable signs of that impending holiday are the conversation hearts that begin cropping up in stores across the nation. Love them or hate them these guys are a synonymous with this love-filled holiday.

Aside from the fact that they aren't the greatest confectionery recipe of all time, one of the reasons these guys get bad press is their questionable sayings. Things like "got love", "yum yum" and "sure love" are a little lame. While the love of texting has added a whole new level of conversation to these hearts, “OMG”, the overall messages have not really been improved.

While traditionally conversation hearts are generically made by Necco, they have opened up a "Twilight Sweetheart" themed line of hearts. The intelligence level of the conversation has certainly not been improved as these hearts boast phrases like "bite me" and "I want you".

Oh well. If your beef with conversation hearts is the conversation your days of disappointment are nearing and end. Check out this site to make a conversation heart that really speaks to your love.

There was not doubt in my mind what my heart would say...

this is an inside joke between Beau and I. I would gladly buy boxes and boxes of these for my Beauseph, but sadly they only exist in cyber space for now. Maybe Necco will get on the customized candy train soon but until that time have fun making and sending out your conversation hearts via the web.

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