Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Weekend Ever, also known as My Dad's Surprise Visit!

So apparently Beau and my Pops have been in kahoots and planned a super, secret, surprise birthday visit. It was such a wonderful surprise!

I love being up here in WNC but it sure does make me miss my folks. Beau realized this and literally planned the best birthday surprise ever by planning with my dad a trip up here to visit. It was amazing! Here are some pictures from our visit!!!

Triple Falls for Triple 10

Yup...I turned 30 recently. It's been an amazing birthday month! Beau got my birthday off to a great start by making me breakfast in bed! We decided a great way to celebrate the big 3-0 would be to hike up at Triple Falls. It was absolutely gorgeous. It's definitely on our top five list of places we have to take folks to when they come up to visit.

Here is our list of top five places to visit in WNC-Beau and Jolie edition (no particular order)
1. Visit Lake Lure (and if there is time, eat lunch at La Strada)
2. Drive up to Jump Off Rock (pref. at sunset)
3. Triple Falls!!!
4. Walk around downtown Hendo (America's #1 small town...maybe I made that last stat up :-))
5. Biltmore of course!
Here are some pictures from the hike...

What I can only describe as a tree chair....

Weekend fun with friends!

Back in January we had some of our dearest friends come up to good ole' Hendo for a visit. It was so nice to share the town we love with good friends. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they decide to up and make a move up here like us :-)
We spent the weekend hiking, playing with our pups, and eating some really yummy food. Sydney even made us all homemade sausage biscuits on Sunday cool is that? I've never learned how to make "from scratch" biscuits, but after trying hers that is on my list of things to learn this year!