Sunday, June 14, 2009

My uber-creative mother-in-law!

Check out this super cute apron that Beau's mom made! How adorable is this???

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mary Mary quite contrary...

My garden grows quite well thank you! Even without the silver bells and cockleshells and thank goodness for that! If you read the origin of that nursery rhyme, it is truly disturbing.

In any case, my own little patio garden is doing quite well. We've already used tons of basil and even that little baby jalapeno. But today while enjoying a bowl of cereal out on the patio, snooping around the plants and enjoying the wonderful smells of both summer and my garden, I was so pleased to discover that we have a little baby green pepper growing.

The tomato plant is flowering too so I hope form some juicy tomatoes very soon! Even more exciting than that is the fact that the little Royal Ensign Morning Glory seeds that I finally planted last week (left over from Michelle's wedding in April) have started to sprout.

Lots of growth here, but as always, plenty of room to grow!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nothing too exciting but...

I did pick up a cute pair of shoes the other day. I think I'll find lots of fun excuses to wear them. We just saw the movie "Penelope" the other day and when I saw these guys they reminded me of something Christina Ricci might have worn in the movie. So I had to get them since I loved her wardrobe from the movie so much, minus this one blue coat she wears a lot.

The movie was so much cuter than I expected and had a very interesting twist at the end. I definitely suggest it if you're in the mood for a fairy tale, which I always am!

Anyway, other than that, not too much is happening these days. Were having a nice, lazy weekend at home. Yesterday we tried out this "new to us" Mediterranean restaurant complete with belly dancers, hookah pipes and crazy wait staff. It was a fun escape from the ordinary night out though I do suspect Beau thought the server was insane when she went to seat us on the pillow-clad floor.

We're thinking of heading over to Summerfest tomorrow but are not dead set on the idea. Either way we're hoping for another beautiful sunny day!