Friday, January 8, 2010

Pocket pillow-early bird style school project

So early this morning, after finding out work was canceled due to the weather, I went on to one of my favorite blogs to find out that there were more spots available for Style School!!! I signed right up because I told myself that the next time Red Velvet had a style school I was definitely joining and got right to work on my first project.

Style School does not officially start until next week but they had an early bird project up-a pocket pillow. I'd been wanting to make some of my own pillows for awhile and this was a great start. Best of all I was able to use some of the fabrics swatches that my stepmom and aunt gave to me that had been my Mema's. She loved all things crafty and style school will give me a great opportunity to make some cute things out of her fabric swatches.

Here are some pictures of the process and the finished product! I really love the way the fabrics look together.

Now I'm off to work on stuff for my etsy site.

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