Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday's craft

Day two (yesterday) of vacation was great and the afternoon turned out to be much more productive than the morning. Well that's not exactly fair to say because the morning was somewhat productive as I finally loaded some stuff in to my etsy shop. After months of promising myself that I would sit down and get it all figured out. Nothing big or super amazing just a couple of cutesy felt tags that I made a few months ago that could be used as keychains, ornaments or a really cute addition to a wrapped gift if you need a punch of color.

During the afternoon I made a super long grocery list but I never got to it because I remembered that Tuesday means open vet hours day (no office fee). So I packed Frank up, who thought she was at doggie day care up to the point the doc gave her the rabies vaccination :-( Oh well. She was a very good puppy and got a yummy treat for having such a good visit.

Beau decided that last night should be date night! So we headed out to the movies: Angels and Demons! It was a great movie, totally blew The DaVinci Code out of the water. A&D had none of the hokey, silly stuff that annoyed me about DC. I also thought Hanks did a much better job this time as Robert Langdon. He didn't go into Symbology 101 quite as much as he did in DC.

I will say I don't get all the talk about how sacrilegious A&D is supposed to be. No spoilers (though it should already be spoiled for you because you should have already read the book, always read the books first!)but I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say about it so leave me a comment if you've seen it.

Oh and finally the craft(s) of the day. I didn't want to miss out on my goal in only day two of making a craft a day so when we got home I got to work in crafting two new pairs of earrings similar to those I made on Sunday. It's hard to tell because of the felt colors I used but one pair is silver with a light blue bead, the other is gold with a pale coral bead.

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