Monday, May 25, 2009

Optimistic by nature...

Is there anything better for recharging your batteries than a day or two in the woods? This weekend we ventured up to a place Beau has been camping all his life: Lake Conasauga. This is one gorgeous piece of the planet and something that you have to put on your things to do and see in Georgia.

Camping is one of those rituals that I missed out on growing up in Florida. Not that you can't camp out in Florida but it's always easy in Florida to make a case for the beach or Disney, basically anything that includes an air conditioner as even the Florida summer nights get pretty brutal.

One of my goals upon moving to Georgia was to embrace my inner, neglected, outdoorsy nature. And why not? This state has so much to offer in the way of camping, diverse hiking trails, fishing, water sports, the list goes on and on. And camping (especially in Lake Conasauga) has to be one of my favorite outdoorsy activities as it can encompasses all of these.

Lake Conasauga is esteemed as being some of the "best tent camping near Atlanta". "Near Atlanta" is debatable, it takes only an hour to get to the base of the mountain from top end of the permimeter but it's about another hour up the gravel path to the campsites we prefer but it is so worth the dust and gravel. While most say that "it's the journey not the destination" in this case it's both!

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Jody said...

Oh how I miss those woods. Beautiful pictures, and words. You took me there in spirit. Thank you.