Monday, May 18, 2009

Patio garden glam!

So I have the whole week off this week. And since I get 10x more
vacation than my hubby can ever dream to get (unfortunately), I've made this week a total staycation! Nothing but hanging out!

I'm hoping the weather warms up a bit so I can hang out at the pool
but today I devoted to crafting and my new patio garden (of sorts). The produce around here can be so hit or miss and since I do not have the time or normal work schedule to allow for frequenting the farmer's market, I decided to grow some favorites of my own.

Truth be told, I was really inspired by an infomercial. I
decided to go to my local BB&B to see if they had this "made for TV"
item called the "Topsy Turvy Tomato Grower" since they have so many
other "made for TV" items in their store and sure enough they did!

I couldn't leave it at just tomatoes though so I hightailed it down to
Home Depot (shout-out to my best friend who is an HD employee) and bought some green and red pepper seedlings, lavandar, basil, rosemary and in an ode to Beau.....Jalapenos!

So I brought all the goods home and got to work with some organic potting soil. Potting all the plants in the topsy turvy, a pot and a repurposed basket. I of course forgot that the green and red peppers would need something study to grow on so for now they are propped up with a couple of fondue forks. Actually it worked out though because the red and green tips to the fondue forks will help me keep them straight till I find an appropriate alternative.

Oh and did I mention what a great little helper Frankie turned out to be? I'm going to have to keep a serious eye on her around those peppers. I'll probably end up finding something to raise the plants up out of her reach.

I'm pretty excited about how all the planting turned out and I just really hope
that my thumb turns out to be green.

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