Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting a bit campy

So I'm super excited about this weekend because not only is it Easter which I love, love, LOVE, but we're also taking advantage of the awesome weather to go camping!!! I'm hoping our experience is as beautiful and magical as some of these images from

Lots of nature, lots of hiking, lots of time outside with the pups should work up a wonderful appetite so we can have a delicious meal like this for Easter :-)


Mom said...

That's your table, I recognize those wedding dishes!

Jolie said...

It is! But I make the same menu every year for Easter so this is pretty much what this Sunday will look like for us too!

Aaron and Jen Boyd said...

Sounds like fun! Camping is the best! Make sure you build a big fire and eat hobo dinners. Happy Easter, xoxoxoxo.