Sunday, April 4, 2010

Providence Canyon

We had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter! Friday Beau and I set out for Providence Canyon for what was supposed to some hiking and camping with the pups. We were told to expect a pretty long hike to the campsites so we packed up our backpacks and set out. But we made pretty good time (I guess) and we got to the campsites by about 2pm. We could either stay there at the site for several hours waiting for the sun to go down or hike back out, so we decided to hike back out and head on to Barnesville to visit Beau's grandmother.

Providence Canyon was gorgeous. The canyons were amazing and the trail was specked with colorful flowers almost like they were God's Easter eggs. It's a trail we'll be sure to hike again. Next time we'll just plan on it being a day hike. In any case it was really good excercise and backpacking practice.

We had a wonderful time visiting with Beau's grandmother and really enjoyed the chance to go to Easter service at her church. Barnesville is one of those beatiful backroad towns the Georgia is lucky to have and we are lucky enough to know about.

I hope your Easter was just as magical!!!

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katiebug92 said...

ooh, I love camping! Looks like you had lots of fun! :)