Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anthro inspired top

Check out this quick and easy DIY top. I was flipping through the latest Anthro catalog when I saw the Climbing cowl neck and thought that I could do something very similar.

I found an old t-shirt that wasn't getting much use and used fabric shears to make a scoop neck and shorter sleeve.

Next I used pins to get the shape I wanted. First on one side and next on the other. I didn't want this to look too matchy matchy so I used different amounts of stitches on each side.

Finally I used my sewing machine to stitch everything up and hand sewed a couple stitches to hold the neck in the way I wanted it. I'm pretty happy with the result. Not bad for my first try and it does look awful close to the anthro top. Forgive the horrible picture of me. I'm wearing another tank top under this shirt and it makes me look like I have eight stomachs :-(


Anonymous said...

great idea!

Aaron and Jen Boyd said...

WOW - I am impressed Jolie!