Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great scarf DIY

So the dogs woke me up early and to try and keep them from waking Beau up I decided to get up with them and go in the other room. We're trying to get Rocky used to sleeping later than 5am but the closest we've gotten so far is about 6:30am. Thank goodness we prefer mornings to nights.

I signed on my email this morning and found a really nice comment from a new blog friend Lola's Girl. Check out her blog if you haven't done so already. She has a blog post this week all about fun, spring scarves and one of them reminded me of a fun project I found over at another great blog called Pretty Ditty.

Scarf from Rouche

Scarf from Pretty Ditty

I actually found this project last fall but it is definitely more a spring scarf so I hadn't posted it yet. I made one of these for my sister in law Lauren and she really liked it. It's super easy and relatively quick too. The toughest part for me was finding fabric because I was looking last fall but you should have no problems now that spring is on it's way.

I apologize but I didn't take pictures because it was a rush birthday gift but I definitely plan on making another one soon so I'll be sure to take pictures of that one.


jsbsummer said...

Scrafing is a great way to use up material you can't bear to part with. That and making cute doggy things to match!

jozen said...

thanks for the visit and the link!!! i will definitely be trying out that tutorial :)