Monday, March 8, 2010

Some things I'm really loving

I just watched the end of Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and I loved it just as much today as I did the first time. If you haven't checked this one out do yourself a favor and rent it! It's such a wonderful story of love and loss and self discovery. Plus spoiler alert it has a happy ending and who can argue with that.

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The second thing I'm LOVING right now is The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb. We just read this for book club and it is amazing! It's a story of a woman who's life has reached a breaking point in her life. She's realized that the life that she's been living has been a lie and this is the story of her hysterical journey back to the truth which includes pancakes, finger-painting, germs, a naked run along the river and yet again another happy ending.


One thing I've learned is that it may not be hip and it may not be artsy but a happy ending beats a sad ending any day. Call it romantic comedy or chick lit but I call the belief that everything is going to turn out okay therapeutic and wonderful. So for those of you out there that love a happy ending please consider checking these two out.

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{eleise} said...

ooo...i should rent it...i wasn't sure if it was gonna be a good movie are i might have to give it a try! =)

ps. sorry i didn't get back to right away on that feature...your email got lost in my spam =( i did send you a feature form though...i look forward to doing a feature on you! =)