Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow day and puppy love

Here are a bunch of pictures from our snowy morning with the pups. Our part of town got around 3-4 inches of snow which is definitely random for dear old Atlanta. It's even supposed to snow again on Monday.

This morning we took the pups out and decided to do a little bit of box sledding. It was just a bit after 9am but I was still surprised that no one else was out enjoying the fresh snow. I guess they'd all rather be inside watching it on TV. No wonder America has an obesity problem.

We heard on the news yesterday that this was the first time in years that there had been snow in 49/50 states. Hawaii being the only state without. Crazy that there was even snow in Florida. I know my family down in FL is enjoying the winter weather. It's cold but it's a nice break from the awful summer heat which was enough to make me high tail it to Georgia at my first chance. It's still hot up here in the summers but they are nothing compared to those FL summers.

So just in case your curious...the new puppy is fitting it really well into our family. We've had Rocky for a little over a week now and it's getting to be like he's already been here. Beau and I have both been really strict about potty-training and it's paid off. A couple accidents but what do you expect with small bladders?

The first night he woke us up a lot to go potty. The second night was around 2-3 times and now after only a week with our family he maybe wakes us up once per night.

We didn't have Frankie when she was in her whiny puppy stage but Rocky is definitely there. We've managed to curb much of that as well and now usually only hear Rocky cry when he wants something (food, bathroom, etc.).

All in all he's a great puppy. This is it for us for now. We've always seen ourselves as two dog people. Three just seems like a lot of work. The next big adventure for us will be kids and that won't be for awhile unless God has other plans for us :-)

Happy weekend everyone!


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

wow thats a lot of snow.
i, like your family, live in FL, altho i havent been too happy about the cold weather! lol im use to south fl weather (but now live in jax) so i am NOT use to anything below 60!!! ha.

Anonymous said...

I live in FL still. Yuck. Wish I was there in Georgia. Great pictures.