Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love gnomes (do you love them too?)

I've mentioned it several times here but never really blogged about my incredible love of garden gnomes. They are so quirky and magical. Maybe it's because of that old show David The Gnome or perhaps it's just my longing to have a yard to decorate with these guys. Either way it's an obsession that is not going away.

I have a couple theories about garden gnomes.

1)My first theory is that all gnomes have names that start with a G. The G is always silent though so we assume it's not there. Ex. David the gnome should have been spelled Gdavid the gnome. My name would be Gjolie if I were a gnome and so on.

2) All garden gnomes live in adorable mushroom houses.

3) For some reason I think male gnomes are cuter than female gnomes but it's probably not true it's just that female gnomes are so busy cooking inside those mushroom houses that they are never around that much to pose for photos. If there were a gnome paparazzi a photograph of a female gnome would be worth as much as a first picture of a newborn Jolie-Pitt child.

Okay, okay, enough silliness, I hope you enjoyed the cute gnome photos from weheartit.com. Oh and also check out Paper Sparrow for more gnome cuteness.

1 comment:

lifeshighway said...

oh Little Miss Shadow, you have fallen under their spell of cuteness. That is how they lure you in. Then you become the crazy lady down the street with 20 of them in your front lawn.

In which case you neighbor would take a picture and send it to me. So it's all good.