Monday, December 21, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like....

well from the looks of these mislabled photos, it's beginning to look like my parents couldn't tell me apart from one year to the next. How funny is that. These Santa photos span several years and I look the exact same in each of them. This is just more proof that my look hasn't changed in close to 29 years.

So it's almost Christmas and I'm so excited but I am a little sad too. This is my very first Christmas away from my family. I am excited to see how Beau's family celebrates the holiday and just like with Thanksgiving last year I plan on bringing some of my tradition to their table.

We watched the Julie/Julia move the other day. How inspiring! Wouldn't it be great if blogs caught on that quickly for everyone! I thought it was so cool how their friends all gathered around for home-cooked meals so often. What happened to that? I guess Atlanta happened to that. We're all so far away (because of traffic) that it is harder and harder to get everyone together.

The other thing I loved about it was the fact that on Valentine's day all of Julia Child's friends wore these giant hear pins! I think that I'll take that idea and make us all a cool, felt Christmas pin for Beau's family for us to wear on Christmas morning.

Anyway, more crafting coming soon!

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