Monday, November 9, 2009

Some adventures lead you right back home...

Beau and I had a great time enjoying this beautiful, fall weekend. On Saturday we had our last wedding of the year. Our friends Elizabeth and Adam were married and they really celebrated the wonder of the fall season through their use of autumn color and foliage. It was a beautiful celebration of their love, I only wish we had been able to stay longer.

Sunday morning, despite or best efforts to sleep in, we got up at 7:30 and made some loose plans for the day. We knew we wanted to do some adventuring but couldn't decide exactly what that would mean so we decided to set out for breakfast and make our big decisions of the day over a few cups of coffee. We ended up at a great little place only a few miles down the train tracks from our house called Trackside Grill. Now I've heard mixed reviews about this place but all I saw, tasted and experienced was delightful. In fact my only beef with the whole place was a lack of grits on a breakfast menu that boasted "new south flavor, old south charm". I'm sorry but South to me always means grits. But Beau and I loved every last bite of our meal. I definitely suggest it to anyone that's ever in the area.

We decided to set out in the Cartersville direction. This is a quaint, little town that we always pass on our way to go camping. While we weren't sure where we would go when we got there we knew we'd make the most of it. Not to mention that the drive alone makes this trip worth it. The leaves are mid-change and everywhere you look there is color. Unfortunately the thing we forgot about quaint, little towns is that they are often without much to do on a Sunday.

Literally everything we tried to do was closed from the coffee shops to the outfitters to our original idea which was to go visit the Etowah Indian Mounds. After several failed attempts to do something we decided that this adventure was to lead us right back home.

Back home we scooped up little Frankie and headed out to Beau's favorite neighborhood coffee spot called Cool Beans. We sat out on the back veranda where we were able to listen to the sounds of the band that was playing just a few shop fronts down. This is where we were meant to spend the gorgeous, autumn afternoon.

Later on I went in to super homemaker mode and got a little crafty. I made these cute little fabric Christmas trees from this great tutorial.

Finally we finished out the day with some (LOW CHOLESTEROL)Shepherd's pie. I didn't take a picture of the finished product but I has to take a least one shot of the ingredients all simmering on the stove. The autumn colors are everywhere these days even in the foods we eat.

Happy Monday everyone!

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