Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pondering gourds

I'm curious if anyone has ever attempted any gourd project? Not just using the squash in cooking though Butternut Squash Lasagna does sound very appealing, but I'm more curious about craft projects. I get a daily update from this really cool website called Care 2. Random aside: Care 2 is a website committed to making a difference. No matter what your cause you'll find something about it on this site. It's amazing!

In any case, today's update had a link to this article on 10 ways to use Gourds. They had ideas ranging from bird houses to body scrubs to candles. I'd love to try some gourd projects!

In addition to the gourd projects listed in the article, I think it would be hilarious to paint gourds to look like Beau and I similar to the ones in this post (pictured below) over at one of my new favorite blogs "A Beautiful Mess".

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