Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just for fun...

1. Where is your cell phone:
Next to the computer

2. Your hair:
Is growing to it's natural shade which people are digging which makes me happy!

3. Your Mother:
Lives too far away but luckily always has time to talk to me on the phone. I love her to pieces!

4. Your Father:
Lives equally far away. He's my hero and always makes me smile!

5. Your favorite food:
Hmm...I think it's soup in a bread bowl! I love that!

(This one is from Quizno's, never tried their's but it sure looks good)

6. Your dream from last night:
Too weird to discuss.

7. Your favorite drink:
Coca-cola classic and Shirley temples.

8. Your dream/goal:
I feel like I'm living my dream. I'm married to the man of my dreams, I have a great family and a wonderful job. My loftier dream: to one day own my own coffee, sweet and craft shop!

9. The room you are in:
Living room

10. What is your hobby?
Running (though not as much as I should), crafting and really anything outdoorsy with Beauseph!

11. What is your fear:
My fear is that people are losing their humanity. Does anyone care about their fellow man anymore?

12. Where were you last night:
Right here chilling with my pup Frankie!

13. Something you are not:
An artist, oh how I wish I could draw!

14. Muffins:
Are quite delicious, I should make some more of these soon!

15. Wish list items:

All these fun things and Biggest Loser for Wii (sorry I can't remember where all these pictures came from, I saved them because I thought I would add them to a Christmas list and now I don't know where to send people to get them)

16. Where did you grow up:
Mostly in Florida

17. Last thing you did:
Gave Frankie a good cuddle.

18. What are you wearing:
Lots of black and gray-black boots and stockings, gray skirt, black, white and gray top and black cardigan.

19. Your TV:
Tuned to the news.

20. Your pets:
Just one a sweet, little lady named Frankie!

21. Your friends:

22. Your life:
is good!

23. Your mood:

24. Missing someone:
My Florida family...always!

25. Vehicle:
Red Liberty.

26. Something you're not wearing:
A scarf, a scarf would have been nice today.

27. Your favorite store:
Any craft store.

28. Your favorite color:
Well that varies day to day.

29. When's the last time you laughed:
When I was on the phone with Rebecca earlier.

30. When's the last time you cried:
Hmmm...I'm sure I've cried recently but I don't really recall.

31. Your best friend:
One met me for lunch today and the other is on his way home to me.

32. One place you go over and over:
Taco Mac, we love chicken wings!

33. Favorite place to eat:
See previous answer.

34. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
I'd love for us to have a nice little home of our own and maybe have a baby or two if God blesses us with children. Basically just an extension of the life I already have, but then who wouldn't be happy with this?

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