Monday, June 6, 2011

New blog topic....Can anyone explain...?

So I need to add some life to my blog. I was out and about there for awhile, getting settled into the Carolina lifestyle but I'd really like to refocus on writing here on my blog, getting back into crafting, and being more outdoorsy again.

To "get the party started right"-yes I just went there, I've decided to start a new blog topic called "Can anyone explain...?". For this week the topic I need explained to me is this season's "The Bachelorette".

Can anyone explain this bachelorette to me?

Background: I am not a follower of this show but this week my mom, step-pops, little bro and sis are in town visiting from Florida. This next part is going to sound silly but also a bit genius. My mom has this thing where she and my sister watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette so that my younger sister can learn how not to act around guys. Genius right?

Anyway, so I popped over to the cottage they are staying at after work today and they are both watching "The Bachelorette". Admittedly, both of them love to hate this show. Today's episode was especially horrible because it was literally a train wreck waiting to happen, the bachelorette requested that her potential suitors roast her Friars Club style. Can you say crazy?

You don't have to be rocket scientist to figure out that this plan went downhill super, duper fast. Now keep in mind that the Friars roasts are known to be brutal towards the person being roasted. Apparently this bachlorette missed that memo and so when one of her mens (yes, men plural) roasted her with some seriously funny jokes she got all worked over and the tears started flowing very quickly after the event finished up. She gets all super emotional and has to have meeting with the guys about how upset she is. When the funny guys approaches her to apologize for doing what she asked for in the first place, she makes him feel so bad that he contemplates leaving the show.

So I'll take any explanation anyone can offer up to explain this lady and her crazy. In the meantime, thank you this season's bachelorette for single-handedly solidifying the "women are high maintenance" stereo-type.

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Aaron and Jen Boyd said...

Dear Jolie,
The Bachelorette is completely unexplainable, and that is why the show is so addicting to watch. I also love to hate the show, yet tune in weekly. My friend and I have finally gotten smart enough to record the show Mondays and watch on Tuesdays so we can fast-forward through the commercials. Ashley is a train-wreck! Not cut-out for the job, if you ask me.
I've really enjoyed catching up on your blogs :-)
Much love,