Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some fun pictures from a fun weekend!

Beau and I had an amazing weekend! The weather was beautiful and we had lots of fun plans for how to spend the time.

On Saturday we hit up "Ye Olde Renaissance Festival". These places have some of the best people watching and are just so much fun. There is no way you can take yourself seriously at a Renaissance Fair so you literally just walk around feeling like a kid for several hours which is amazing. It's got everything you were obsessed with as a child: pirates, knights, fairy wings, fried food (okay so some of those things you might still be obsessed with). Basically it's a wonderful escape from reality. Beau, Jody and I all agreed though that one of the coolest things we saw all day was the bird show.

Sunday we had big plans as well. Beau's cousin gave us some really great seats to the Zac Brown Band homecoming concert and it was such a great show. This guy really knows how to put on a show and he and his band have such a good time on stage. Plus because he's promoting his label Southern Ground, the show was filled with guest performances from some great up and coming artists like Levi Lowery, Nic Cowan and Sonia Leigh.

Levi's songs are heartbreaking and beautiful. As Zac Brown said upon introducing him, Levi has a great way of making horrible things sound beautiful. Nic Cowan reminded me a lot of Jason Mraz. And Sonia Leigh has a voice that is absolutely incredible and unexpected for her genre of music. It's a really interesting sound.

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