Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Measuring cup free cooking

Check out this cool new website Food 2! I love looking at recipes. I don't so much go by the recipe in a really strict manner while I'm cooking. I'm more the type of person that looks at several recipes and combines them for a fun (almost always delicious) surprise. One of my favorite recipe websites has had this ad up for the past several days for the Food 2 website. I usually don't click on ads but after seeing the picture of the doughnut burger they had in their advertisement for several days, I had to check it out. Has anyone ever had one of these? I saw that it's like a 1500 calorie burger, how deliciously gross!
One of the first entries I saw when I clicked on the link was this article about how to hand measure ingredients so that you're not a slave to measuring cups and spoons. I see cooks do this all the time on Food Network so it was great to have some tips about how to hand measure ingredients. Anyway I thought it was super cool and definitely worth sharing...happy cooking!!!

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