Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nothing too exciting but...

I did pick up a cute pair of shoes the other day. I think I'll find lots of fun excuses to wear them. We just saw the movie "Penelope" the other day and when I saw these guys they reminded me of something Christina Ricci might have worn in the movie. So I had to get them since I loved her wardrobe from the movie so much, minus this one blue coat she wears a lot.

The movie was so much cuter than I expected and had a very interesting twist at the end. I definitely suggest it if you're in the mood for a fairy tale, which I always am!

Anyway, other than that, not too much is happening these days. Were having a nice, lazy weekend at home. Yesterday we tried out this "new to us" Mediterranean restaurant complete with belly dancers, hookah pipes and crazy wait staff. It was a fun escape from the ordinary night out though I do suspect Beau thought the server was insane when she went to seat us on the pillow-clad floor.

We're thinking of heading over to Summerfest tomorrow but are not dead set on the idea. Either way we're hoping for another beautiful sunny day!

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