Monday, October 26, 2009

Some of our favorite St. Augustine things...

So Beau and I had a great time in St. Augustine as you already know. A few months before our anniversary Southern Living published an article about some great things to do and see in St. Augustine. And thank goodness they did, that article led us to a wonderful little St. Augustine side street called Aviles. This street is a bit off the beaten path and was definitely our favorite spot in all of St. Augustine.

One of the highlights was Moultrie Creek Studios. This art gallery had tons of original pieces and lots of beautiful silver but he coolest part was the honey. One of the owners of the shop is a beekeeper. Beau and I couldn't resist picking up a jar. She told us all about how she became a beekeeper after years of unsuccessfully growing fruit trees. Originally she tried to hire out a beekeeper but that can be a pretty expensive service. So instead she took up the hobby herself and has turned the honey production into quite a successful and fun side business.

The second great spot was my favorite: Gaufre's and Goods. This quaint little Polish restaurant had so many delicious options it was almost too hard to choose. I eventually settled on one of their delicious spinach pies and Beau settled on a Nutella and strawberry covered waffle. It was literally the best meal we ate all weekend. Gaufre's is a must visit if you are ever in St. Augustine.

Not quite on Aviles but just around the corner was Santa Maria Restaurant. Now the reviews on this place were not great but Beau and I loved the look, the people and the best part of all the ability to feed the fish from our table! The waiter brought us a basket of bread and directed us to the small little cupboard-looking doors at the base of each window. Beau and I had a blast throwing bread out to the (mostly catfish) fish and watching them all scamper after it.

All in all, we had a wonderful time on our first anniversary. I still can't believe it's been one year. We've been so blessed this year and I look forward to all the memories we have yet to make. I'm so lucky to have married my best friend!

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