Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anniversary bliss and wedding fun yet to come!

So this past Sunday Beau and I celebrated our one year anniversary! We have been so blessed over the past year. We had a wonderful weekend. In lieu of any major gifts we decided instead to take a trip. We left on Friday for Savannah and then spent the remainder of the weekend in St. Augustine. It was a beautiful but cold weekend. More on that letter but here are a couple fun shots from the weekend.

Beau and I have several friends getting married in the next couple of weeks. First up are Sydney and Walker (an absolutely amazing couple) and I was so sad to see that rain is predicted for this their wedding weekend. I thought back to my own wedding and complete lack of rain plan. I had a plan if the cake fell over (dozens of Krispy Kreme doughnuts stacked together) but no plan for rain even after we were all completely drenched at the rehearsal dinner. I thought that a little research on the topic was in order.

The first thing I found was this great website. These photographers had a zillion great ideas about how to make wedding day rain work for you. Not only do they provide idea but also links to great shops where you can purchase the cute items they mention. Reading over her ideas reminded me of some of the great wedding shots I'd seen while planning my own wedding. Tons of cute brides in rain boots and umbrellas. Shots so cute you almost hoped for rain on your big day!

How cute is this shot from Veil Tales?

Sweet Smile also has a ton of great shots from this rainy wedding!

One last shot from a photo website that lists some great tips and photos like this one.

On top of all that I found out that rain on a wedding day can not only lead to some adorable pictures but is also considered very good luck. Why you might ask? Since marriage is referred to as "tying the knot" and wet knots are harder to untie, the idea of rain on a wedding day leads to a strong, tough, and long-lasting union. Thank goodness Beau and I already celebrated the one year mark or else I might have started to get worried that it didn't pour on our wedding day.

Congrats again to all of our friends getting ready to tie the knot! Rain or shine we know that God is blessing your unions as He has blessed ours!

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