Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Starting out...

On Friday, February 15 I was officially laid off. I look at it as a blessing and not a curse. I worked in outside sales for a number of years and I was looking for a change of pace anyway. I plan on becoming a teacher. (A secret dream of mine for years). So I am in the process of testing for certification, examining school systems and determining which grade level (middle or high) will be the right place for me.

Here's the part where I mention that I want to teach English. I graduated from University of Florida with a B.A. in English but do not fancy myself a stickler for the rules, I'm more a lit person. I say this because I am looking at this blog as a place to write without worrying about rules. If my grammar is not perfect I don't want a comment about it. If I mix up my there, their, they're or hear and here, no big deal. At least it isn't for me. I hope it isn't for you.

Anyway, I thought that it would be fun (now that I have more free time) to finally begin blogging. It will be nice to look back after I have been hired and have started teaching and see how far I have come. There are so many blogs out there that make me smile, I hope that one day this will make someone smile. My boyfriend just asked me "what's your blog about?". I explained to him it's a kaleidoscope of different ideas: crafting, life, love, my quest to teach, etc. So I guess that's it for now. Thanks for journeying with me! :-)

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