Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy 2013! Time to get productive...

So I got some great quilting supplies from my MIL for Christmas and it has put me in the mood to get a bit crafty. I have been thinking for awhile about making another quilt (I made one or two about 5 years ago). I keep seeing all this great designs online for more modern and less calico quilts and I decided to go in that direction.

I am going to make a simple rectangle quilt (thought briefly about triangles but this will be a bit easier I think). The design was inspired and will slightly mimic quilts found on Red Pepper Quilts and Elise Blaha-Enjoy It.

I love how Elise uses plain fabric and makes it into something beautiful. I decided to go with that idea and here are my swatches for the front of the quilt.
Side note: Finally caught the Downton Abbey bug (while simultaneously catching this cold bug) and was able to catch up on both seasons. I cannot wait for this show to start back up...hooray for Downton Abbey Season 3 and everything else it has in store :-)

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