Monday, May 2, 2011

Yard Sales and Flea Markets and Mother's Day

Grandma and I at the Dino exhibit. After this she took me to Olive Garden where I tried and fell in love with Fettuccine Alfredo. I didn't know what to order and she said get the Fettuccine, it's like Macaroni and Cheese, you'll love it...and I did!

It's nearly Mother's day and that's got me thinking about all the great times I had with the wonderful women in my life. Now that it's getting to be the heart of spring, it has me thinking about all the fantastic times I used to have hitting up the yard sales and flea markets with my grandmother. We used to get up early, hit up the yard sales, find awesome treasures and reward ourselves with a nice Checkers hamburger when we had done all the damage we could for the day. I still order my hamburgers the exact same way lettuce, tomato, mayo and's a delicious combo!

We also liked to hit up the flea markets. Grandma would always take me to the gem-mining booth and sit patiently with me as I sifted through the muck in hopes of finding precious jewels. We'd snack on elephant ears or funnel cakes and have an absolute blast. I'm super excited because I hear there is actually a decent flea market up here in WNC. A friend has offered to take me out and show me around and while I'm sure it will be fun, nothing will compare to the times I spent scouring the booths with my Grandma.

I was blessed to grow up so close to my grandparents. I spent as much time as possible with them. My grandparents and I had some awesome times. She, my grandpa and I were the best of friends and I'll never forget those amazing times we spent together. She and I live several hours away from each other now, and my Grandpa or "Papa" as I called him, has gone on to be in a better place but I am so thankful for the time we spent together when I was younger.

Those memories will always be some of my favorites to think back on and I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart when I pass a yard sale sign and think of how lucky I am to have her as my grandmother.

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