Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do you love hot cocoa as much as I do?

Things have gotten pretty chilly around here in the last couple of days. And while I am still a bit baffled by how early it go so cold (and snowy...none for us yet, but we can see it on the mountaintops), I'm willing to put that aside for a couple reasons:

3) I love fall/winter wear-by far my favorite season for outfits. I love scarves, jackets, layering, etc.

2)The holidays! The family, the food, the traditions and of course the religious aspects...what's not to love? In fact, our church started sharing the story of Mary and Joseph in a series several weeks ago and it's really got me looking forward to our first Christmas at our new church.

1)Hot Cocoa-To be fair, I've been drinking this since the temp dipped below 70 degrees. However, I have abstained from adding any sort of topping as of yet. My plan is to make my own marshmallows in fun shapes next weekend and to try out lots of different topping combos from the following items: sprinkles, marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, etc., etc., etc. Winter, I welcome you with open arms!

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Anonymous said...

Made cocoa this morning. It was piping hot and I didn't have any cold whip cream to cool it down. So added and small scoop of ice cream. YUMMY!