Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cool weekend hike: Carl Sandburg home

Beau and I really wanted to get out and hike this weekend. We first tried to hunt down a cool trail that Beau had googled but we were only given some not so accurate directions and a pair of coordinates to look for it. With neither the coordinates or directions matching up or giving us much to go on we decided to choose between the trails at Jump Off Rock or at the Carl Sandburg Home. Since we were closer (at this point) to Flat Rock we settled on the Carl Sandburg home.

This place is amazing. It's not hard to see where Sandburg got his inspiration from, the beauty of WNC is all around you in this place. Not only does it have tons of great views, the outbuildings, gardens and goat farm are awesome to check out too.

This place has hikes from 5 mins to 2 hours and various skill levels and is definitely worth checking out. The hikes themselves are dog friendly enough. They do have several spots for you to get water for your pups from wells but the water just spills on the ground so if you dog is picky about what to drink from you may want to BYOB (bring your own bowl). However, pets are not allowed inside the houses or main farm areas (for obvious reasons) so if you want to take any of the tours and such it's best to leave your pooch at home.

We chose to only bring Rocky for this hike and I'm glad we did. I think Frankie would have freaked out upon seeing the goats but Rocky just stared at them with what could only be described as confusion. Since he didn't know quite what to think of them he just stared at them quietly while Frankie would have been barking like crazy.

Happy Sunday!

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