Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine part 2

Forgive my camera...I think it's on it's last leg.

So I couldn't stand the fact that I gave Beau his Valentine early. I decided to make him a couple felt fortune cookies. I'd been planning on trying this pattern out that I found online and I did mostly follow it. I chose to stitch by hand rather than machine stitch which is basically more out of laziness in busting the sewing machine out than anything else. I finished them off with a cute little hand-written fortune but then got so excited about them that I went ahead and gave them to him anyway.

Looks like Valentines Day will include no presents whatsoever as Beau caught the bug and gave me my V-day present early too. He painted me a beautiful landscape called "The long and winding road that leads to your door".

Beau's Christmas gift this year was an intro to drawing and painting class and some art supplies. So far so good. For a first time painter he's doing an amazing job but also enjoying himself. His teacher gave him a compliment the other day that I totally agree with. He told Beau that he is not only artistic but also creative. There is a difference...think about it.

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