Monday, January 19, 2009

Piggy Pouch

So it's MLK day and I am lucky enough to have the day to myself. I was supposed to go have lunch with my hubby but we decided to cancel because we have to meet up with some peeps from the church to talk about the youth program later on this evening. So I decided to instead surf the net for a bit and check out some of the craft blogs I've been missing out on lately and see if I could get a little crafty myself.

There is this really cool craft from Etsy Labs about fusing plastic shopping bags together to make reusable grocery totes, wallets, etc. Well I've been trying to use canvas totes for awhile to try and be more eco-friendly but I did manage to scrounge up several bags still lingering around from the old days. I even found one cute Piggly Wiggly bag so I decided to make a Piggy Pouch coupon holder.

Anyway, it's a super easy, super cheap craft project and it's definitely worth a try. Instructions for how to can be found in the Etsy Labs and all you need: plastic bags, thread, needle, button, parchment paper, iron and ironing board....oh and a course a bit of imagination. (Picture coming soon)

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